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Specialising in the supply and sales of exceptional
quality liquid nutritional supplements

What makes our nutritional supplements unique?

Synergistic formulations working in harmony

Optimum nutrition as applied to the T J Clark formulas does not mean nutrient megadoses.

Megadoses of nutrients in a supplement form are only necessary under strict clinical conditions.   Our nutritional supplements are based on the premise that all nutrients display complex synergistic and antagonistic interrelationships.  To produce a truly effective product the final result becomes obvious - economical liquid products combined to act favourably to, and in harmony with your body.


The T J Clark advantage

At a closer glance of T J Clark products, you will discover two important points of difference between these products and other nutritional supplements. 

We acknowledge the body’s enzyme systems and produced plant balanced trace nutrients.  Enzymes are important biological molecules that are highly specific catalysts, increasing chemical reactions and are critical to the overall effectiveness of a given nutrient.


Phytogenic mineral catalyst

Each T J Clark nutritional supplement has a plant sourced catalyst added to the initial formula.  Our phytogenic mineral catalyst has been clinically tested to influence cellular nutrient retention, in addition to increasing cellular energy output beyond any other natural nutrient. 

Our mineral catalyst has been shown to;

  • enhance the bioavailability of individual nutrients.
  • increase the uptake of not only the components within our catalyzed products, but also the nutrients within the foods we eat.
  • create synergy between our catalyzed products.

This means each T J Clark supplement has the ability to maximise cellular utilisation, regardless of how poorly a cell is operating under normal conditions.  Our catalyst also provides the body with up to 72 plant derived minerals.


Phytobond – vegetable vitamin therapy

T J Clark’s phytobond technology combines essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids with vegetable sourced or phytogenic chemicals.  This new method of chemical interaction or chelation enables the nutrients to be more absorbable, and more closely replicates obtaining your nutrients from food, which is the optimal way to meet your daily requirements. 

When these phytochemicals are harvested from vegetable sources, they are bound to additional vitamins and other nutrients through phytobond processing methods to produce a product with super potency, and superior absorption.


Superior ingredients

T J Clark combines clinically proven botanical concentrates with synergistic nutrient cofactors. 

Each nutrient in each formula potentiates the function of the other remaining nutrients. All T J Clark products are manufactured with United States Pharmacopia (USP) and/or the Food Chemical Codex (FCC) grade ingredients, and without the use of bioengineering. Many of our practitioners utilise our products by including them in their herbal formulas.



At T J Clark & Co, our manufacturing process is considerably more difficult, since no product compromising flowing agents or excipients are utilised. 

The advantage of our advanced liquid formulas over traditional methods of nutrient delivery is the avoidance of magnesium stearate, palmitic acid, or stearic acid as flowing agents.

In a classic study published in Pharmaceutical Technology, the results of mixing a nutrient with magnesium stearate were demonstrated to cause a decrease of 56-78% in nutrient dissolution, or bioavailability.


Fructose as a sweetener

Fructose is commonly used as medium for nutrient delivery in the T J Clark catalysed supplements.  Fructose enhances the uptake of a number of nutrients to the gastrointestinal tract.

Fructose is approximately 1.7 times sweeter than sucrose and 2.3 times sweeter than glucose.  Because fructose is sweeter than sucrose and glucose, less fructose is required for the same sweetness effect, reducing the carbohydrate levels per dose.  Although fructose is classified as a simple sugar, its glycaemic index (GI) is much lower than that of glucose or sucrose.  Fructose has the lowest GI of any of the sugars, at about 20.  Research shows little or no increase in blood sugar is noted after ingestion of large amounts of fructose, fructose is the preferred sugar source for diabetics.  Some studies indicate fructose does not stimulate insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells; however individuals that are sensitive to sugars, such as patients with insulin resistance may wish to carefully monitor their total sugar intake.  Fructose is however 30% less potent than glucose at promoting insulin secretion in individuals with insulin dysregulation, and significantly decreases both glycosylated haemoglobin and fasting blood sugar levels.


Full control over manufacturing

As a research institute and manufacturer, T J Clark carefully exerts full control over the research and manufacturing of our products. 

Our research into cellular nutrient utilisation represents the cutting edge of nutritional medicine.  To ensure this research is appropriately incorporated into the manufacturing of our products, we carefully manufacture each product under our own strict guidelines.  We can guarantee the authenticity of each T J Clark product, and do not contract to any other manufacturer.  Our manufacturing plant at St George, Utah is FDA inspected.  The majority of the manufacturing techniques developed by T J Clark have originated from the superior cold leaching and concentrating process developed by Thomas Jefferson Clark in the 1920’s.